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3S System wins out with a focus on integration

3S System wins out with a focus on systems integration

3S System is a subsidiary of 3S Pocketnet. In just a few years’ time the company quickly built up success in various sectors including smart city, transportation, railways, factories and buildings. As a relative “young” systems integrator in the security industry, how did they do it?

A discussion of 3S System cannot be possible without introducing its parent company, 3S Pocketnet, which began as a mobile phone software developer and cloud service provider. With NOKIA being its largest customer, 3S Pocketnet also provided OEM services for other mobile phone manufacturers. With the evolvement of the market, 3S Pocketnet adopted a “platform strategy” and formally entered security in 2010. In its R&D and technology upgrade efforts, the company increasingly saw a need for systems integration. As such it turned its SI business unit into a wholly-owned subsidiary, 3S System.

Meeting end users’ needs

“The reason for expanding 3S System is to cultivate the local market in Taiwan as well as the SI market overseas,” said Jeffery Lee, Chairman of 3S Pocketnet, who immediately set 3S System’s development strategy and was deeply convinced from past successful experiences that such strategy would take the company in the right direction.

With deep industry experience in China, 3S System started with in-vehicle systems in 2016. After face-to-face discussions with end users and project implementation, the company realized that customer demand for technology and service was not fully met. According to Lee, end users mostly obtained products/services through engineering contractors, system integrators (SI) or distributors. However, many of them did not keep up with the pace of the industry. Especially, IoT and the Internet of Vehicles brought tremendous integration needs, and more and more companies felt helpless not able to get the right technology and service.

Employing a direct, go-get-them approach has allowed 3S System to find the real needs of customers and win large orders from many well-known bus, tour bus and logistics operators.

"After communicating with end users, we found that what they really needed was integrated service, not standalone products. Specifically, many customers wanted vehicle solutions in the beginning but later requested non-vehicle solutions as well to improve operations. For example, a logistics company at first requested CCTV for its service stations yet later integrated it into our vehicle solutions for fleet management. In these cases, 90 percent of customers were willing to pay and form a long-term relationship,” Lee said.

A good partner with consultants, SIs

System integration is a great expertise; without the real deal, it’s quite difficult to gain a foothold in this fiercely competitive market. Specifically, SIs need the support of manufacturers, without which they often find themselves constrained. Therefore, after establishing a clear business model, 3S System became the largest customer of 3S Pocketnet.

According to Lee, 3S Pocketnet is now responsible for making 100 percent made-in-Taiwan products; 3S System is its biggest support, fully promoting system integration services. This, however, puts 3S System in a competitive relationship with other SIs. To maintain close ties, 3S System actively partners with consultants and large SIs in their efforts to bid for public and private sector tenders, promising them that 3S System will only focus on the security system part.

At present, 3S System’s vehicle and non-vehicle solutions cover all of Taiwan, and the company is also building its own technical service team. Once a service mechanism is established, local engineering companies are expected to become 3S System’s “subcontractors” rather than customers. Lee uses as an example food delivery services that are popular in Taiwan. Although the media has disclosed that there are some service quality, process and management issues that need to be improved, this type of service does meet the needs of users. "What 3S System can do is get things right, not only the service flow part but also the integrity of products. Going from vehicle to non-vehicle applications, that is where 3S System’s value as a system integrator lies.”

Taiwan’s next opportunity

Speaking of the security market, Lee disagrees with the notion that Taiwan’s security industry sluggishness is due to the Red China invasion. Rather, Lee says it’s due to SIs lacking the support of manufactures as well as their inability to keep up with time. In addition, the domestic market has been quite competitive in recent years, so no one wants to put their efforts to into service improvement. Another factor is SIs’ use of Chinese products due to a lack of suitable alternatives from Taiwan.

However, the China-U.S. trade war can be seen as a positive development to Taiwan’s security industry. Further opportunities for Taiwan security players are also expected thanks to the current administration, which takes a more hardline approach towards China, with more and more government agencies specifying that Chinese brands, even components, be banned in tenders. Despite this, Lee expects the current sluggishness to continue over the next three years, due to the lack of readily available “non-Chinese” chips and the huge difference between what’s expected and what’s real in artificial intelligence. For example, H.265 chips are still Hisilicon's world. However, due to the current political situation, Taiwanese manufacturers will have to choose other chips, and no alternative can be found right now.

Meanwhile, the “unmanned store” concept, which had attracted lots of attention, has been quite silent, highlighting AI-based recognition algorithms still have accuracy and reliability issues – in addition to limitations at the technology level, processing power is another challenge. “AI works fine at 720p, but not so at 1080p. Video takes too much processing power, rendering algorithms ineffective. As far as security applications are concerned, AI is still too costly, while its accuracy is not in line with end user expectations,” Lee said.

So, what should Taiwan manufacturers do to survive amid the competition? Lee points out that the China-US trade war has forced Taiwan manufacturers to change. Taiwan companies must learn the lesson: in addition to investing more resources in R&D, perfecting their service is a top priority. This is easier said than done, as only a few companies have really done it. What is certain is that in the future, the path from system to service provision will be critical; whoever does this right will be the winner.


Looking forward to 3S System’s next step, Lee is confident: "In the beginning, we took a ‘platform-centric’ approach, which was the right direction from which we got plenty of nourishment and ammunition. Now we’re fully ready to charge ahead with a systems integration business model.”

The migration from 3S Pocketnet’s pure manufacturing model to an innovative service-provision model has given 3S System confidence to gain a strong competitive edge. Now, 3S System is flexing its muscles, ready to show its skills and fly high.

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3S Vision Integration with Paxton's Net2

3S Vision Integration with Paxton's Net2
3S Vision a world-leading manufacturer of video surveillance hardware and software, is pleased to announce the video integration of its Network Video Recorder (NVR) and IP cameras with Paxton’s Net2 access control system. The integration provides an additional level of access control security with video monitoring of door access events within the Net 2 system.

The integration allows for easy detection and association of 3S Vision’s NVR and connected IP cameras with Paxton’s Net2 access control system. IP cameras connected to the NVR can be easily linked with individual doors, enabling users to access high definition video for access events from within Net2. The integration provides customers with the ability to view video footage of door access events in real-time or post-event.

Paxton provides industry-leading access control systems which meet the challenges and trends of the security market. With over 30 years’ experience, the company offer engineering excellence, creating simple, yet intelligent and innovative products with simplicity designed in, ensuring they are straightforward to install, use and maintain. Net2 is the UK’s most popular access control solution, with more than 150 additional buildings being fitted out with it every week. The security system offers centralized administration and control of sites ranging from one to hundreds of doors, and thousands of users.

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3S Pocketnet work closely with Unitech and BGIC

3S Pocketnet work closely with Unitech and BGIC
Unitech Computer Corporation officially became a distributor of 3S Pocketnet in Taiwan on October 15 2015, the same time, BGIC Information Co., Ltd. also became a direct system integrator of 3S Pocketnet.

3S Pocketnet is starting to expand in video surveillance market in Taiwan by work closely with Unitech and BGIC.

3S Poketnet based on an IT architecture expertise and Netcom specializes in complex systems, network infrastructure to fulfill those requirements such as multi-location and multi-building project.

By work with Unitech and BGIC, no matter it is a small or large retail chain stores even city surveillance, 3S already has the ability to integrate a wide range of IoT equipment and provides the most complete IP video surveillance solution to its users.

3S Uses IT Know-How to Take on Surveillance

3S Uses IT Know-How to Take on Surveillance

3S has dedicated their R&D resources to keep up with the high-definition IP video surveillance needs of the industry, while alsoproviding a wide-range of features for its backend management platform.

The integration with Dell’s network switches, servers, and auxiliary storage, not only fulfills the video collection and storage needs of security managers, but also gives users the option to remotely view, search, and all video on demand, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the integration with Dell gives 3S’ backend management software even more flexibility and allowing users to save over 20 percent in storage space. (Full Article)

Pope Francis visit to UST

Pope Francis visit to UST

The Pope has been greeted by hundreds of thousands of cheering people who waited several hours in steaming heat for his arrival in the Philippines. meanwhile, Pope Francis is the third Pope to visit the University of Santo Tomas (UST) on January 18.

It’s been a “tradition” for papal visits to include one at a “pontifical” university like UST.

In its official website, UST noted that it was only “the second university in the world after the Gregorian University in Rome to be granted the formal title of Pontifical University.”

The history of University of Santo Tomas (UST) is more than 400 years, the oldest existing university in Asia. And it owns the largest population among Catholic university in the world . There are numerous buildings and more than 10,000 students in the campus every day, thus security becomes a primary task.

This solution also includes daily system reports, wide angle view, and intelligent video analysis, 3S is again successfully to satisfy with the needs of client. For motion detection, the 5MP cameras are applied for daily gate entrance and exit event counting, and the fisheye cameras are applied for the auditorium and gym. With the VMS server, it is not only generating logs but also generating a statistic diagram can be exported.

All-over-IP Expo 2014

19-20.11.2014 Moscow Sokolniki Expo

The exhibition will also study the IP cameras 3S Vision, already won the recognition of customers. Among them - a compact 2-megapixel camcorder cylindrical N6082 with IR LED, designed for the street. It is well suited for the organization of the budget surveillance. Another interesting exhibit on the stand 9-2-2 - inexpensive miniature outdoor dome IP-camera N9082. It also has an IR LED and produces 2-megapixel image. The compact 5-megapixel camera for indoor N8011 will also be on display at the forum. The device has a stylish design and will look good at home or in the office. On its stand 3S Vision also show street N9018 camera with lens "fisheye". The camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and is equipped with IR illumination. It is designed to control a large area for use in the composition of professional CCTV systems. During the two days of the forum company 3S Vision will hold a raffle. In addition, at the end of each day will be awarded a special gift - the tablet. Separate surprise for visitors to the stand - a gift for the Check-in. To obtain it you must meet the conditions of the contest: make a photo on a background stand 3S Vision and post it on Facebook with the hashtag # 3S Vision. Then this post should show on the stand and get the gift. It will serve as a good addition to the interesting information that awaits all visitors to the stand 9-2-2 on the 7th International Forum All-over-IP Expo 2014. Booth number: 9-2-2

3S secure 6 stadiums and million of fans in Brazil

3S secure 6 stadiums and million of fans in Brazil
3S secure 6 stadiums and many million of fans in Brazil. Brazil has many million of soccer fans enjoying the competition in June and July 2014, 3S provides superior quality cameras and high integrated solution to secure stadiums. After detail comparison and stress test, 3S cameras been considered as top brands also reliable cameras in IP camera industry.

IFSEC, London 2014 co-branding 3rd party alliance

IFSEC, London 2014 co-branding 3rd party alliance
Bring together the entire video surveillance solutions, Arteco is a pioneer in the field of video analytics for the Video Security industry who will join the IFSEC, London with 3S as a co-branding 3rd party alliance.

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Mirasys with ONVIF
Mirasys was founded in 1997 and is privately owned. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company operates through sales offices and Mirasys representatives globally.

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Arteco with ONVIF
ARTECO is an Italian VMS manufacturer founded in 1987 as an industrial electronics manufacturer which grew to become a leading developer of motion control technology. Over the years, they have leveraged their knowledge in machine vision applications to pioneer in the field of video analytics for the Video Security industry. (Link to Arteco compatibility list) (Full Article)

Successful show in MIPS 2014

3S Russia Distributor- Videoglaz held a successful
3S Russia Distributor- Videoglaz held a successful show in MIPS 2014!
The MIPS exhibition has been taking place for the last 20years, and is the largest industry event in Eastern Europe and Russia. 3S Promotion Sales - Become the owner of the car!

New 3rd Party

Milestone Manufacturer Alliance Partners (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Instek Digital with SDK. (Full Article)

Sfitex 2012

Russia partner Byterg participate Sfitex
Russia partner Byterg participate Sfitex at St. Petersburg, sfitex has affirmed that it is the launch pad for demonstrating the latest technical solutions and developments which were estimated by the expert group and took part in the prestigious professional contest “Security Benchmark”.

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party nuuo with SDK. (Full Article)

3S Smart Surveillance Solutions

3S Smart Surveillance Solutions
2016 Big Data Expo held in Guiyang China on May 25th. Within the 5 industrial zones Dell exhibited, 3S displayed its smart surveillance solution for governmental projects utilizing its excellent image processing technology combined with the intelligent video analytics. 3S IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics), including 3Smart Face, Fisheye Object Tracking and Flow & Density Analytics, attracts great attentions from the attendees. The reports generated by 3S IVA can be analyzed remotely. All the data can be digitalized and shared on internet clouds to enable real big data concept for smart and safe cities.

Dell Chairman of the board of directors Michael Dell visited 3S booth.

Dell Great China President Dr. Chenhong Huang visited 3S booth.

3S Smart Surveillance Solution efficiently protects the city.

A&S interviews 3S president at secutech 2019

Chairman Jeffery Lee was invited by a&s at the 2019 Taipei Secutech Expo to explain the AI identification detection technology for invisible cameras for medical use, which helps prevent patients from falling. (Full Article)

3S forms strategic partnership with Dell

3S forms strategic partnership with Dell

As a global leader in IP surveillance market, 3S established the strategic alliance with Dell in Q2 2015. Based on its expertise in IT and network infrastructure, 3S provides best solutions to help customers make wiser decisions together with Dell to effectively obtain results.

3S PocketNet Technology Inc. and Dell uphold the concept of “listening to customers, understanding their needs and committing to provide best solution”. With mutual strategic alliance, 3S provides flexible solutions with network switches, servers and storages from Dell 3S to fulfill customer’s demand for large number of image collecting and storing. 3S together with Dell provides end to end solutions for small and medium companies and complete centralized and decentralized management for HD surveillance solutions for large enterprises.

“We are honored to establish strategic partnership with one of the world’s major technology companies, Dell. Our partnership makes 3S’ IT strength prominent.” 3S Chairman, Jeffery Lee said.

He also said, “Traditional user didn’t have good experiences using digital surveillance products due to the lack of IT knowledge. 3S always provides its solution based on IT concepts. Together with Dell, 3S will focus on providing video surveillance and IT infrastructure total solution to ensure our users will have best experiences. This is what 3S is excellent in.”

Economic Daily interview with 3S president

Jeffery Lee has a set of right business philosophy

"In the right direction, find the right person, run the right market", 3S Pocketnet Technology Director Jeffery Lee, a young man from the sixth grade, left the comfort zone and invested in the entrepreneurship of the technology industry under the circumstance. After 13 years of experience, he has taken the lead and shouldered social responsibilities and will take the planning company to the market.

Love novice
Jeffery Lee said that 3S Pocketnet Technology Group was founded in 2006. The global operation, R&D and manufacturing headquarters are in Taiwan. The company is dedicated to providing network intelligent security solutions with a customer-oriented quality concept and continuous core technology. Increase investment in product development, technical services, and network consulting to provide customers with more real-time and convenient services.

As a global leader in IP network monitoring, we are committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of IP surveillance technology equipment and applications, providing a full range of network monitoring products for enterprises, utilities, commercial and home users. System solution.

Jeffery Lee pointed out that the development of pocket mobile technology is from IOT, big data, AI, and automation, and because it belongs to the field of new generation. Therefore, employees also need multi-oriented talents; there are currently 150 in the world. Employees, there are 110 employees in Taiwan, about 10 and 30 in the United States and China. Among them, because 3S Pocketnet Technology appeals to the cutting-edge products of the times, it is suitable for young people in the seventh and eighth grades who are good at using technology products. Become the main force of the company.

Jeffery Lee said that he is a sixth grader. He is the third oldest company in the whole company. He will use a large number of new generations of new generations because the new generation is closer to the needs of the market; the proportion of the eighth grade is over 50%. However, because the company's operations are striving for stability, many management stages will be dominated by the sixth and seventh grades that have seen the storm.

Customer Demand Orientation
3S Pocketnet Technology does not need a prestigious university in the process of seeking talents. It only targets the manpower needs of various departments. For example, the R&D department needs ME, EE, Web and other professionals. However, because of the promotion of new media, many New employees came from Taiwan, Qing, and other students.

However, because of the new generation of young people, it is not easy to manage. Therefore, in the interview, it is necessary to add a sexual orientation and intelligence test, mainly to understand whether young people can integrate into the operation of the group, and Jeffery Lee cumulative Years of experience have shown that the company's general rules and regulations are not all applicable to the younger generation of young people. There have been many experiences in the past, so the general rules and the pressure of peers are the 3S Pocketnet Technology can stabilize the kinetic energy that is growing.

Provide solutions Transnational operations
Moreover, the company's employees are mostly younger generations. Therefore, the company-wide meetings are mostly conducted by LINE, WE CHAT and other communication software. Even e-mail is only a tool for determining the conclusion of the meeting after the meeting. Contact or delivery is almost extinct.

3S Pocketnet Technology Group provides smart ring security solutions around the world, which are widely used in education, finance, power, energy, transportation, water conservancy, manufacturing, public utilities, and SME users. The full range of products has entered the US, China, and Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Russia and other 32 countries or regions.

Jeffery Lee said that long-term strategic alliance partners include world-renowned high-tech technology partners such as Dell, OV, APTINA, SONY, HIS, Ambarella, NXP, etc., and the targets obtained include: Brazil World Foot Arena, St. Thomas University of the Philippines, Indonesia Ayana Resort in the island, Shenzhen Metro, Presidential Palace of Argentina, California Airport, Beijing Yuanmingyuan, Mengniu Dairy, Petro China Huabei Petrochemical Company, UMC Group, Cathay Pacific Group, MediaTek.

(Full Article)

MIPS 2012

MIPS 2012 security show in Russian.
MIPS is no. 1 security show in Russian. 3S partner "Byterg" is also one of best surveillance company in Russia. 3S always go support their loyal partner in the world. Any time and any where. (Full Article)

17-24 April, 2012

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party VIDEOINSIGHT with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party DIGIOP with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party icatcher with SDK.
iCode Systems specialise in the development of CCTV applications, including the market leading iCatcher Console, employing intelligent analysis and processing. From our UK headquarters, iCode Systems develop and distribute iCatcher products across the globe. With over 140,000 camera licences in use worldwide, ranging from single camera installations to large enterprise installations, iCatcher truly is a flexible market leading solution. iCode Systems are pleased to announce their new manufacture partner alliance with 3Svision. The 3SVision cameras deliver multiple streams of high quality smooth video. 3Svision & iCatcher Console offer a complete solution, setting a milestone in affordable professional systems for a wide range of markets. (Full Article)

Future Innovation

Thailand-2nd future innovation
The 2nd Future Innovation is a private show host by 3S Thalind's Customer Creatus Corporation Limit Group, The Creatus provide an one stop in house total solution for its customer not only Security or Surveillance system but also Cash Management, Software solution, and office automation etc.

February, 2012

3S news from Russian Distributor-Byterg.

Get free Axxon SmartStart software - 2TB archive.
Now users of 3S IP cameras, working with free software Axxon Smart Start of ITV | AxxonSoft, available 2TB archive. IP-3S camcorders are compatible with the Smart Start Axxon - software that supports a free video server 16 cameras and 1 TB of video archives. However, the secret code that is on the box IP-cameras 3S, gives the right to activate the second free terabytes of video archives. This is made possible by partnering companies ITV | AxxonSoft and Byterg - general distributor 3S. ITV | AxxonSoft is a leader in the development of intelligent integrated safety systems - accounts for 60% of Russian market of software for video surveillance systems. Products ITV | AxxonSoft use more than 2,000 installers. 3S - IP-cameras with high baseline characteristics for a wide range of applications. The line contains all the necessary types and form factors. In products using modern technology, more features. Products shipped directly from the manufacturer that makes much more accessible 3S other analogues. 3S with Axxon Smart Start - is a professional surveillance system for objects of small and medium size. (Full Article)

January, 2012

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Devline Limited with SDK (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party MACROSCOP with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party ISS with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party synology with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Vimicro with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party NetPosa with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party artec technologies with ON (Full Article)

November, 2011

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Logiware with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party digivod with SDK (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party exacq with ONVIF. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party OnSSI with ONVIF. (Full Article)

November, 2011


All-Over-IP CCTV Pro Show in Russia
All over IP is a mid. size local Network base security exhibition, it participated with all major system integrator ie. Milestone ,Axxon or hardware manufacture Axis, Panasonic etc. 3S also took this opportunity to launch 5 Megapixel camera to Russia market.

November 23-24, 2011

ABH Excelsior Healthcare Group

ABH established a flagship store at Xizhi.
ABH Excelsior Healthcare Group-The Medical and Health industry leaders in Taiwan had established a flagship store at Xizhi. In the public space area, it adopted the network camera with 2Megapixel , the central management software (VMS) and the APP software for iPhone/iPad/Android which are researches and develops from 3S PocketNet. Therefore, the health care staff can take after patients accordingly at any time.

November 18, 2011

3VMS Pro HD Version:1.0

IP camera on the go. Never miss an event.
3VMS turns your iPad into a portable IP surveillance camera. 3VMS allows you to see “what your IP Camera see” in real-time from your iPad. You can add as many video cameras as you want, private or public: a simple address is needed. (Full Article)

July 18, 2011

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Digifort with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party codestuff with ONVIF. (Full Article)

May, 2011

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party TotalControl with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party HeiTel with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party Koukaam with SDK. (Full Article)

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party GeoVision with ONVIF. (Full Article)

February, 2011

New 3rd Party

Alliance with 3rd party AXXON with ONVIF. (Full Article)

3VMS Pro Version 2.3

IP camera on the go. Never miss an event.
3VMS turns your iPhone into a portable IP surveillance camera. 3VMS allows you to see “what your IP Camera see” in real-time from your iPhone. You can add as many video cameras as you want, private or public: a simple address is needed. (Full Article)

Oct 31, 2011

鼎新 企業通電子報 (134期) Dec. 2010

安控設計製造業界的典範─口袋移動科技 流程最佳化,交貨期縮短20%
隸屬於『口袋移動科技股份有限公司 (PocketNet Technology Inc.) 』乃剛成立不久的安控系統事業群(IPSSBG),利用三個月內的短暫時間,快速提升公司競爭力。鼎新Smart ERP系統僅一個月的上線輔導就建置完成,有效完成公司整體規劃;在設計、行銷、製造與供應鏈的管理體系,透過IT系統的輔助,達成公司網路攝影機等產品首季1萬台的出貨量。 (Full Article)

December, 2010
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