3S Core Technology


3S System Technology Inc.

A Global Industry Leader in the Smart Environmental Security Control Segments of Taiwan.

Pursue the goal of “Safety and Best Quality”

With many years of design and R&D experience, the research teams of 3S provide excellent smart securitysurveillance products, AI intelligent video analysis and smart video management software & system with advanced technology. 3S's products have been certified by international institutions and own high-quality and stable supply chains. All colleagues of 3S prioritize the quality and put customers first. We provide a 24-hour service to meet the demand and expectations of customers around the world.

3Smart IPCAM

Edge Intelligence Computing

AI IP Camera Calculus Analysis
Images can be captured and decoded by the AI IP cameras through AI Edge computing technology, which can effectively shorten the calculating and processing time, thus improving the efficiency of image recognition.

3Smart AI

Cloud Computing

Smart Recording Software Calculus Analysis
Use the back-end software 3Smart AI intelligent image analysis technology for identification, combined with high efficient HDRC recording software that make AI identification system powerful.

AI makes surveillance smarter,
accurate and efficient !!

Track intrusion detection system
Track intrusion detection system

Temperature, Face and Mask Detection software system


Temperature, Face and Mask Detection IP Cameras

Temperature Face and Mask Detection IP Cameras
Radar network camera for vehicle speed measurement and humanoid and foreign object intrusion
Radar network camera for vehicle speed measurement and humanoid and foreign object intrusion


Professional development & design
Reliable mechanism design
Excellent product process & Product QC
Efficient & stable operation


Image Processing Technology
Encoding, Decoding and Storage
Intelligent Video Analytics
Big Data Statistics

Made in Taiwan AI Smart Network Chip

Professional Smart AI SoC

Jointly Developed by 3S and Taiwan IC Intellectual Property Company

Through TSMC's Nano-advanced Process Technology

AI Smart Chip Performance Leads Market Demand

Professional R&D Design
High Performance and Low Power Consumption
High-Speed AI Computing
Face Recognition
Face Detection
Abnormal Face Detection
Smart Face Search
People Counting Analysis
Crowd Density Analysis
People & Object Intruding Detection
License Plate Recognition
License Plate Detection
Vehicle Counting and Classification
Traffic Jam Detection
Rail/Road Obstacles Detection
Reverse Direction Detection
Smart Target Search
Dynamic Video Concentration
Smart Motion Detection
Object Status Detection
People Loitering Detection
Line Crossing Detection
Thermal imaging application
Slope Slide/Object Intrusion Detection The application
Thermal imaging application
Human detection
Thermal imaging application
Body Temperature and Mask Detection
Thermal imaging application
Environmental/Industrial Temperature Detection
Thermal imaging application
Smart Behavior Detection
Thermal imaging application
Tailgating Detection
PTZ Auto Tracking
Privacy Mask
Abnormal Video Diagnosis

Cybersecurity Certification

ISO Information Security Management System Certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
IoT Cybersecurity Certification

Product Certification

Product CE international certification
Product FCC international certification
IEC series related certification
IEC series related certification
EN50155 related certification
IP69 certification
IK10 certification

The whole series of products have passed the ARTC/VSCC certification and complied with the latest 56-3 "electromagnetic compatibility" regulations & automotive wires have passed the "material flame retardant performance" test certification

The product complies with IP69 dustproof and waterproof test certification

A full range of cameras comply with international certification standards
International certification - meet the highest standards in the industry
Comply with global standard patent license agreement
Globally standardized image codec technology patent license
Intellectual property patent rights
Digital content protection method patent