IP Camera and HD Analog Camera

Smart Video Security Surveillance Camera

3S provides a variety of cameras, definitely your best choice!

High Quality

Provide excellent smart imaging equipment and flexible and innovative customized services, absolutely adhere to "Made in Taiwan", strictly control the production process and test quality, all series of products have passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and ISO IEC 27001:2013 information security Management system certification standards, the pursuit of product safety, stability and durability, in order to cope with stable operation in different environments.

High Technology

The professional AI smart network chip jointly developed with the leading manufacturer of Taiwan IC Intellectual Property Company, through TSMC's advanced process technology, provides extreme computing performance and ultra-high-speed AI computing capability; the mechanism design meets the international protection level certification: IP66 / IP68 / IP69K waterproof and dustproof, IK10 impact protection, Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb explosion-proof specifications, complete types and stable functions, can be flexibly deployed for various field needs.

High Specification

The 3S R&D team has been deeply involved in the research of artificial intelligence algorithms and image recognition technology for a long time, and has exclusively developed a variety of intelligent image analysis software, tailored according to customer needs, and applying its excellent technology and functions to various field.

High Definition

3S cameras use high-sensitivity sensors, and all series models have more than 2 million pixels, which can easily capture clear images in high-contrast and low-light environments, and support H.265 compression technology, which can not only reduce the capacity of video storage space In addition, it can also reduce the network bandwidth while ensuring that the screen can maintain the best image.

Thermal Network Camera

The whole machine adopts the latest thermal imaging sensor, which is divided into dual-lens and single-lens models. The camera’s built-in AI algorithm and unique invisible light technology are widely used in high-security fields, such as: industrial factories, Rail transit, national borders, forests, ports, military sites, etc. During the epidemic, it can be used for human body detection and environmental detection, and is an indispensable and best weapon for epidemic prevention.

Multi-Sensor Network Camera

Panoramic Multi-Sensor Network Camera provides 180° or 360° field of view and focus on a specific large area. Combining two or four sensors in one housing can allow the camera to create an effective panoramic experience and get wide views and forensic details from one camera.
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3S Fisheye Network Camera

Fisheye Network Camera

Fisheye Network Cameras provide a very wide view in all directions . The panoramic view can be achieved using a single sensor and multi-sensor (multi-directional) panoramic cameras. Panoramic Network Cameras carry enormous viewing angles when attached to a ceiling. Just one camera can accurately detect the flow of people, object and the situation of environment. Absolutely give you a new panoramic experience.

Speed Dome Network Camera

3S brand-new flagship Network Camera adopts star-level photosensitive elements and provides specifications of 2 to 8 million pixels. Except for the speed dome, all of them are motorized lenses. There is no need for manual mode to adjust the focus. Each camera supports multiple AI Intelligent analysis function. With excellent performance and rich functions, it is often used in major public projects and special venues. It is an enterprise-level professional network camera.

Dome Network Camera

A new generation of high-performance, high-quality mid-range professional network cameras. In addition to providing 2 million and 5 million specifications of dome and bullet cameras, this series is the only panoramic fisheye network with 12 million pixels. road camera, the image quality is clear and delicate, can achieve 360 and 180-degree panoramic viewing, with IP69K and IK10 certification specifications, it is widely used, often appears in shopping malls, parking lots, retail, offices, airports and other open places, easy to achieve unlimited All-round monitoring of blind spots.

Bullet Network Camera

3S mid-to-high-end network camera, star-level photosensitive element, provides two specifications of 2 million and 5 million pixels, and can choose fixed-focus or motorized lens according to needs. Each network camera has a high-power Infrared LED lights, with a maximum irradiation distance of 50 meters, can provide clear picture quality no matter day or night. The whole series is not only stable in performance, but also easy to install and firm, absolutely meeting the needs of owners.

HD Analog Camera

Recommended for users who are still using analog cameras, providing the most cost-effective surveillance option. Equipped with 2-megapixel and 5-megapixel fixed-focus and motorized lenses, the picture quality is clear and undistorted. The infrared LED projection distance can reach up to 35 meters. It meets the IP66 waterproof/dustproof level, which is no less than the function of a network camera. Installation The operation is simple, you can get started immediately, and it has an absolute advantage in cost considerations. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized uncomplicated places or places with relatively simple monitoring requirements.