Commercial Solutions

"3S's Smart Business Solution aims to create 'Efficiency+', integrating video monitoring and smart video analysis to provide comprehensive services for businesses. The solution includes basic security monitoring, POS linkage for store management, and improved data analysis to address the challenges of managing complex foot traffic and improve customer management."

Commercial Solutions

6Big Advantage Integrating image monitoring and intelligent image analysis functions to help operators:

Smart Control

Improve security management

Combined with POS

Include checkout dynamics

Easy to Manage

Reduce operating costs

Real-time Monitoring

Master the dynamics in the store

Quick Monitoring

Video real-time recording

Data Analysis

Consumer behavior analysis

Through AI intelligent image analysis,
Improve store safety and operational efficiency!

"3S offers advanced and multifunctional smart business solutions that are easy to deploy, helping operators manage their stores and meet the needs of diverse business fields amidst the changing business environment and recent epidemic."

Strengthen the identity check at the entrance to improve the safety of the field and personnel!

Quarantine Detection

To ensure personal safety, a thermal imaging body temperature detection mask system can be used at the entrance and exit to reinforce epidemic prevention measures.

Identify Blacklist

Using face recognition, customer identity verification can be enhanced, and repeat offenders or designated individuals can be filtered through a blacklist.

Exception Notification

The system sends an alarm notification when an abnormal situation is detected by the monitor, and service personnel can respond immediately.

Enhancing identity checks for entry,
Improve field and personnel safety

High quality video surveillance equipment

Safety protection without dead ends

Monitoring and controlling the status of the store

High-quality video surveillance equipment

Safety protection without dead ends

Monitoring and controlling the status of the store

Combining video with POS systems improves management efficiency and enables better handling of customer complaints.

By using the order number, the transaction screen for an order can be viewed in real-time by simply clicking on the tag.

The 3S control management platform allows you to view table consumption details and provides real-time linking to the corresponding screens.

Make good use of AI intelligent analysis function to accurately grasp the consumption dynamics of customer groups

Using AI image algorithms and sensors to collect data on the flow of people, customer consumption, and behavior analysis in physical stores. Analyzing this data can provide insights into consumer types and habits, helping businesses make informed marketing decisions.

Facial recognition identifies customer attributes and provides personalized product recommendations

Use face recognition to determine whether a customer is a loyal customer (VIP member), and match it with the customer's consumption records, purchase habits, emotions in the consumption process, etc., and then provide personalized product recommendations to customers, and conduct overall accurate Marketing, optimize the shopping process, and build more loyal customer relationships.

Warehousing combined with AI intelligent control to reduce cost loss and personnel theft

Add double verification of access control, such as face and fingerprint recognition, to the warehouse in addition to video monitoring. This can help track goods and inventory status in real-time while reducing human error and theft. It can also be used for access control and attendance management of personnel.

Diversified and integrated digital services provide customers with brand-new shopping experience

Smart APP function increases interactivity
Consumption data quantification improves service efficiency
Integrated linkage drives performance growth

Smart APP function, increase interactivity

Quantify consumption data to improve service efficiency

Integration and linkage to drive performance growth

High-quality product recommendation

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