Railway Solution

We aim to optimize track monitoring and management while prioritizing improvements in safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Efficiency improvement

Data backup

Smart Control

Alarm notification

Real-time monitoring

Intelligent video analysis

3Smart AI intelligent analysis and detection

Track status detection and application

3S smart railway solution is designed for all railway transportation and includes track status detection and other features that prioritize traffic accident prevention, warnings, and smart safety management.

Smart monitoring management

3S Smart Video Surveillance Management System

Intersection Obstacle Detection

Lane congestion detection

Traffic flow analysis

Foreign Object Detection

Thermal Imaging Applications

Object state detection

Smart Feature Target Search

Motion image enrichment

Area Density Analysis

Safe, reliable, powerful and stable smart railway transportation system integration

Centralized Management System:
Real-time Access to Station Infor.
Excellent Intelligent Image Analysis:
Making Monitoring Smarter
Visual E-Map:
Fully Realizing Intelligent Monitoring.
Excellent Backup Mechanism:
Ensuring No Data Is Lost.
Support custom accounts
and permission management settings
Remote Monitoring via Mobile Devices:
Real-Time mornitor to Station Activity