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3S NDAA Compliance Product


The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law on August 13, 2018 and implemented on August 13, 2019. The law, specifically section 889, prohibits the purchase or use of specific video surveillance vendors, as well as system vendors and component suppliers.

NDAA Summary

The NDAA now prohibits any government agencies from buying or contracting to buy “telecommunications equipment” produced by: Huawei Technologies Company, ZTE Corporation.
Or video surveillance equipment produced by: HyteraCommunications Corporation, Hangzhou HikvisionDigital Technology Company, DahuaTechnology Company.
It also prohibits the purchase of any equipment produced by an entity owned, or believed to be controlled by the Chinese government. The NDAA ban extends to other vendors or manufacturers if the surveillance cameras and/or system is offered under another brand namebut controlled by one of these vendors, as well. Furthermore, the NDAA also bans any “essential component of any system” as well as “ critical technology as part of the system” from the listed manufacturers.


3S is pleased to affirm that our main 3S product portfolio with products targeted to US government entities, enterprise businesses and their contractors and affiliates, is NDAA-compliant.

While non-government entities are not required to comply with the NDAA, for small business owners concerned about potential broader implications of this law, the 3S video surveillance solution does offer camera options that are NDAA-compliant as well. Additionally, 3S is working on a related new recorder that meets NDAA compliance, to be released in 2020.

The following 3S cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), which do not use or deploy critical components including SoCs produced by NDAA banned component vendors, are compliant with the NDAA. These products will be included in 3S’s GSA contracts and are recommended for US Government applications that are subject to the NDAA.

In-Vehicle AHD Camera


A class 5 Megapixel AHD Camera


A class 2 Megapixel AHD Camera


C class 5 Megapixel IP Camera


C class 2 Megapixel IP Camera


EL class 5 Megapixel IP Camera


EL class 2 Megapixel IP Camera

Coming Soon

B class 5 Megapixel IP Camera

  • N9015-B

  • N9019-B

  • N901AM-B

  • N3016M-B

  • N601A-B

  • N601BM-B

Coming Soon

B class 2 Megapixel IP Camera

  • N5079-B

  • N9075-B

  • N9079-B

  • N907AM-B

  • N3076M-B

  • N607A-B

  • N607BM-B


A class 5 Megapixel IP Camera


A class 2 Megapixel IP Camera

Coming Soon

Embedded NVR

Coming Soon

Embedded Hybrid DVR(XVR)

MSS Management Streaming Server

Media Center


NDAA Compliance Product List

Product Category Models
In-Vehicle AHD Camera AHD8007, AHD9009, AHD9006, AHD9010, AHD8005, AHD9008
A class AHD Camera 5M: K9012-A, K6012-A, K9011-A, K3011-A, K6011-A
2M: K6072-A, K9071-A, K3071-A, K6071-A
C class IP Camera 5M: N9015-R, N9018-R, N3011-C, N9011-C, N9012-C, N9013-C, N6012-C, N6013-C, N6017-C, N1011-C
3M: N9035-R, N9038-R, N3031-C, N9031-C, N9032-C, N9033-C, N6032-C, N6033-C, N6037-C, N1031-C
EL class IP Camera 5M: N3016M-EL, N9019-EL, N901AM-EL, N601A-EL, N601BM-EL
2M: N5079-EL, N3076M-EL, N9079-EL, N907AM-EL, N607A-EL, N607BM-EL, T9079-EL
B class* IP Camera 5M: N901AM-B, N9019-B, N3016M-B, N601A-B, N601BM-B, N9015-B
2M: N907AM-B, N9079-B, N3076M-B, N607A-B, N607BM-B, N5079-B, N9075-B
A class IP Camera 5M: N9012-A, N6012-A, N9013-A, N9011M-A, N3011M-A, N6011M-A
2M: N9072-A, N6072-A, N9071M-A, N3071M-A, N6071M-A
Embedded NVR* 1HDD: R10064-B
2HDD: R20044-B, R20084-B, R20164-B, R20168-B
4HDD: R40164-B, R40244-B
Embedded Hybrid DVR(XVR)* 1HDD: X10041-B 2HDD: X20081-B, X20161-B
Intel NVR F20321, H20323, H40321, H80641, H80641, IA0641, IB1281, IC1281, IA0001, IB0001, IC0001, IA0641-E, IB1281-E, IC1281-E, IA0001-E, IB0001-E, IC0001-E
MSS Management Streaming Server L20011, L20041, L40041
Media Center J21281, J41281, J81281
Workstation G20641, G41281
* Models with an asterisk will be available by the end of Q1 2020.
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